30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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11. Examining Hillary’s husband’s hotel room tweet

Bill Clinton’s past has certainly lent itself to being brought back up in today’s day and age as a way to get some shots in at Hillary, and even Stephen Colbert has gotten in on it. One notable time was when, during the Democratic party debates, Bill had tweeted a picture of himself watching Hillary from a hotel room, and Stephen had a perfect joke for it on The Late Show.

After showing the picture of Mr. Clinton in his hotel room, Colbert summarized what it possibly meant with the following joke, taking aim at the scandals Mr. Clinton had dealt with in the past which are still coming back to bite him:

“Hillary’s big night clearly pleased her biggest fan, potential future first lady’s man Bill Clinton, who tweeted this photo of himself watching the debate in his Vegas hotel room, which was very supportive of him— and also absolute proof that he spent all night in that room watching CNN alone, certainly not out on the Vegas strip, and definitely not with whoever took that picture.”

While it’s more of a dig at Bill than Hillary, the line does jokingly suggest that perhaps her biggest supporter just might have his mind on other things during her big moments.

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