30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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29. “Hillary” tells a joke

Well before the campaigns began for politicians to seek the nomination from the Democratic party to become president, Hillary Clinton was seen as the frontrunner. Americans had been joking about it for quite some time, and leaked DNC emails have since proven that the party had been pushing for Clinton since the very start.

Those in the Clinton campaign were surely in a panic following the ascent of the popularity of Bernie Sanders, who seemed to be much more genuine and easier to relate to for a majority of Americans. Reports would later surface that Clinton was looking to be more “spontaneous” and show more “heart and humor” in her public appearances in an effort to catch up, and Stephen Colbert saw a chance to poke fun at it on The Late Show.

It was funny to think about Hillary trying to tell jokes on stage, and as Clinton, Colbert delivered a “joke” that Mrs. Clinton might actually say:

” ‘What’s the difference between Donald Trump’s hair and Bernie Sanders’ hair? I’ve been advised to make the punchline about Donald Trump’s hair so as not to alienate left-leaning Democrats.’ “

The joke managed to poke fun at both Hillary’s lack of humor and the way she tries to only give crowds the answers they want to hear, rather than how she actually feels.

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