30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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13. Hillary’s not alone with the email trouble

Surely, we all know about the email scandals involving Hillary Clinton— it has been Donald Trump’s go-to attack seemingly every time he brings up Clinton’s name. But, apparently, she’s not exclusive when it comes to presidential candidates enduring email-related gaffes. It turns out that Trump himself may not have as much room to talk.

The Trump campaign had evidently formed a plan, which was supposed to be secret, to use the Whitewater scandal from the 90s against Clinton. But those plans went awry following the campaign’s own humorous email mistakes, after staffers accidentally emailed this plan to a reporter. It was pretty funny to see something like this happen, after Trump had been berating Hillary over incorrectly using email for months by this point.

This opened the door for Colbert to deliver this line, which basically summed up the point that maybe Hillary isn’t alone after all when it comes to these problems:

“Which means that, shockingly, Hillary Clinton might be the candidate with the second worst using of emails.”

So, yeah, Hillary Clinton may be out of touch in many ways, and properly using email and email servers was lost on her. But perhaps she isn’t the only one.

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