30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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14. If Bernie won New Hampshire, what did Hillary win?

On 2016’s President’s Day, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to talk about recent events in politics. At that time, Bernie Sanders was still enjoying recent success following a huge marginal win over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, which was attributed to the way he was able to connect with young voters so well.

Colbert joked about Hillary’s losses, noting that although Clinton had been “a lock” for the Democratic nomination a year prior, she was certainly having a lot of trouble by this point. Would she ever be able to catch up to Bernie Sanders? To poke fun at just how badly Clinton had become detached from young voters, at least in the northeastern part of the country, Colbert offered the following corny line which highly accentuated the point:

“Bernie won 83% of young voters. The only group that Hillary Clinton won was voters over 65. So she may not have won New Hampshire, but she definitely won Old Hampshire.”

The joke was incredibly cheesy, but depressingly accurate for the former Secretary of State. There was clearly a gargantuan disconnect between her and the younger voters of the country, with only the older crowd seemingly having any faith in her.

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