30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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15. Bernie’s forced endorsement

Throughout the course of the primaries and leading up to the general election, Stephen Colbert had been doing a running segment he referred to as the “Hungry for Power Games”, a spoof of The Hunger Games, where Colbert would analyze all of the candidates quests to become the leader of the nation.

With Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders making it to the final three serious possibilities, that number dropped to two with Sanders formally endorsing Clinton just before the Democratic National Convention, effectively ending his shot at becoming the next president. But considering how bitter their race had become, Sanders certainly wasn’t happy about it.

Colbert played the video clip of a pained Sanders suggesting his followers now support Clinton, and followed it up with this joke and accompanying video:

“Very convincing, very convincing endorsement. Reminded me of another man who forced himself to endorse a coronation, in hopes of healing a rift.”

Colbert then played the infamous moment in the first season of Game of Thrones, when the series’ most notorious villain King Joffrey’s power was recognized by Lord Stark— just before the latter was quickly executed by the former. Metaphorically, we were looking at the same thing.

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