30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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17. A horrible week for Hillary Clinton?

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has seen a lot of ups and downs in her quest to become the next president, with the Benghazi scandal one of her absolute lowest points. In October of 2015, Clinton found herself getting grilled for eleven full hours in front of the Benghazi committee, in what had to be a very grueling session. They achieved “tantric subcomittee”, according to Stephen Colbert.

On Colbert’s Late Show, the late night host made fun of the situation, suggesting that Mrs. Clinton was surely going through the worst week of her life— but maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Despite the eleven hour questioning, Clinton saw heavy donations to her campaign rolling in directly following the meeting. Perhaps the attention in the press she was receiving was much more beneficial to her than anything else.

After telling his viewers about the situation, Colbert then phrased the whole fiasco by putting it this way:

“I know they called it a hearing, but it was really more of a telethon. Which explains why she brought along that giant thermometer.”

Accompanying Colbert’s quip was a photoshopped image of Hillary Clinton on the stand, with a thermometer-style Hillary fundraising goal board.

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