30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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18. Hillary Clinton invokes the power of 90s nostalgia

We’ve talked about Hillary Clinton’s struggles to connect with younger voters, especially with opponent Bernie Sanders exceeding so well at it. But it turned out she had a secret weapon to lure people in: the nostalgic, 90s retro power of her husband Bill Clinton.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert joked that Hillary was using the love for the 90s as a way to make herself seem more hip, after playing a clip of the presidential hopeful referencing how Bill would be a part of her campaign. In particular, she wanted to put Bill in charge of fixing the economy, given his reputation of doing a fine job with it back during his two terms.

While she was at it, Colbert theorized that Mrs. Clinton would next just go full-90s, offering the following strategy as a way to court those younger voters filled with 90s nostalgia:

“Together, Bill and Hillary will fight to get America Online! With a vision as clear as Crystal Pepsi. Our economy will wake from its Napster, take off like a white Bronco, as they cut our taxes like Lorena Bobbitt and crush our enemies like Nancy Kerrigan’s knees.”

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