30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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20. Does Hillary Clinton have a terrorist cat?

On Super Tuesday, Stephen Colbert obviously dove into talking about politics. Bernie Sanders had decided to stay in the race until after all 50 states had casted their votes, causing Hillary Clinton to already sweat hard enough. Her Republican opposition constantly talking about her scandals surely didn’t help, either.

But on The Late Show, Colbert poked a little fun at one thing that none of her opponents were talking about— it turned out that she had a terrorist cat. An editor from Politico had dove into Hillary Clinton’s book “Living History”, and found something peculiar in a 1959 photo from Clinton’s childhood. As a young girl, Clinton was holding a cat, whose name was revealed to be “Isis”.

“That’s right, Hillary Clinton’s childhood cat was Isis. This is the most shocking political pet news since Jimmy Carter revealed his childhood cat’s name was Ayatollah Katmeini!”

This may have not directly been a Clinton gaffe, as Isis has always been a fairly common pet name and it’s not like anyone predicted the rise of the terrorist group. But Colbert went along with the media’s plan to turn nothing into something, showing how ridiculous those gunning after Clinton can be as well.

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