30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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22. Kids impersonate Donald Trump on The Tonight Show

We’ve seen comedians like Jimmy Fallon impersonate Donald Trump many times, and that’s because he’s just so easy to mock. Apparently, it’s so easy that kids can do it. And Fallon himself was able to prove that on The Tonight Show, by doing a segment with children doing their best impersonations of the Republican presidential nominee.

Playing some actual clips of the Donald speaking some of his iconic lines about building a wall and about how he’s such a winner, many different short videos of kids nailing Trump impressions where shown. As it turns out, these children were just as good as Fallon when it came to tackling Trump’s idiocy, and all of the clips were quite amusing.

Some of the kids even took it a little further, wearing the suit and red tie Trump is known for, all while reciting his lines in that infamous drawl of his. Even a toddler hilariously mimicked Trump’s hand gestures and facial expressions, then saying his name was “Donald Trunk”. The whole bit was hilarious and it just might have you trying to act out your own impressions of the Donald yourself after watching these kids give it a go.

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