30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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23. Seth Meyers answers how Trump became the nominee

After Donald Trump forced Ted Cruz and John Kasich to suspend their presidential campaigns with his big win in Indiana, Republicans had to give up all hope that anyone other than the reality TV star would be their nominee. What seemed like a joke at first had become a horrifying reality, and Seth Meyers would dive deep into how this happened on Late Night.

Meyers showed a clip of Carly Fiorina taking a fall at a political event, with Trump poking fun at Cruz not helping her up by later saying, “Even I would have helped her!” As Meyers said, this confirmed that not only did Trump know he was an a–hole, he knew that we knew he was an a–hole. Like we should never expect in a million years for Trump to help a woman that fell.

But Meyers hits hardest when he explains how the reason Trump rose to prominence in the party was that this was always the party for Donald Trump. Trump merely saw how many Republicans have been feeling uncomfortable with immigrants for years, and has been fanning those flames for his own benefit directly into a serious shot at the presidency.

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