30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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24. Trevor Noah examines Trump’s racist tweets

Donald Trump had apparently hired a golf colleague to be his social media manager, and the guy has always done a completely terrible job. Some of things Trump spews out on Twitter have gotten him into hot water, but he always seems intent on just taking a bath in it and enjoying himself, rather than attempting to clean anything up.

The Daily Show covered one instance which saw Trump tweet a picture of Hillary Clinton with a message about how she is corrupt, printed on the Star of David atop of picture of cash. Rather than apologize for the anti-Semitic tweet, Trump’s campaign defended it, claiming the star was a “sheriff’s star” while ignoring the fact that the image originated from a white supremacist website.

However, Trump did release an altered version of the picture, which covered the star with a circle, instead. Hilariously enough, though, you can still see the sharp points of the star sticking out from the sides of the circle, as Trevor Noah pointed out. And this is far from an isolated incident. Several other racist tweets and images were referenced to on The Daily Show, which reiterates how Trump has done nothing to disavow white supremacists from supporting him.

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