30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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26. Republicans refuse to endorse Donald Trump

It was obvious long ago that Donald Trump was going to be the Republican nominee, whether the rest of the party liked it or not. Conservative politicians were mostly unimpressed with Trump, but as his popularity couldn’t be denied, they were all going to have to eventually stand behind him to take on the Democrats.

But begrudgingly supporting a candidate isn’t quite the same as endorsing them, as Seth Meyers took a look at on Late Night. While many Republicans were saying that they needed to support the nominee, even if that turned out to be Trump, some of them are just finding it way to difficult to formally “endorse” him, even when asked about it point blank.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson in particular was shown in a segment skirting around the question as to whether he would endorse Trump, and he just wasn’t able to say that he would— only that he would support the nominee. It certainly doesn’t look good when even the members of the major party Trump is running with are absolutely embarrassed to be associated with him, only offering their support as if it were part of an experiment from the Saw films.

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