30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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27. Fallon’s Trump calls Barack Obama to celebrate Indiana win

When Donald Trump won Indiana in May of 2015, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, essentially securing Trump’s spot as the Republican nominee. It was fun to imagine Trump calling President Obama to gloat about his big win, so that is exactly what Jimmy Fallon did on The Tonight Show, putting on the suit and blonde wig to portray the Donald himself.

While Obama had some advice for Trump, the “call” was mostly just Trump bragging about himself. The call starts off with Trump saying how there was now only one man who stood in his way, referring to Hillary Clinton. The fake Trump would follow up with several more digs at Hillary and Bernie Sanders, before talking about how he was going to choose as his running mate.

Trump said he was looking for someone who “compliments” him, adding that he wants someone to literally compliment him by telling him how great he is. He then jokingly asks if Obama himself wouldn’t mind being his running mate, to which Obama says that he wants to be nowhere near the Oval Office in eight months, but rather enjoying some cake outside by the ocean.

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