30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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28. Donald Trump speaking to fans at half speed is hilarious

You may or may not be aware that YouTube has a function enabling users to watch videos at half speed. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel told viewers about this, then noting that the show’s keyboard player, Jeff, had discovered something amazing when doing this with Donald Trump videos. The effect apparently makes Trump sound very convincingly like a drunk.

Kimmel plays two of the best clips of doing this to Trump, starting with a comment about Hillary Clinton and a mention of Pocahontas. It sounds so legitimate that you could almost swear it was Thanksgiving and your uncle had just a few too many beers by the time he joined the family at the dinner table.

The next example was a rant about “crazy” Bernie Sanders and who he was not going to be able to win the election, but he still deserves the credit for trying. This is definitely a video you’ll just have to see to appreciate, because it really just makes you see just how much Trump’s rantings sound like nothing more than the burned-out ravings of a bitter old man who’s had a bit too much to drink.

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