30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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3. Stephen Colbert moderates an all Trump debate on The Late Show

On the topic of Donald Trump constantly changing his stances, Stephen Colbert had his own version of putting the Republican nominee on  blast for it. That came in the form of what he called the “2016 Top Tremendous All-You-Can Trump Luxury Presidential Debate”. As you can probably guess, this was a debate featuring Donald Trump against Donald Trump.

The decision to do this came after Trump had dropped out of the Fox News debate, due to his feud at the time with Megyn Kelly. With so many potential viewers who wanted to see Trump still up for grabs, Colbert was going to take advantage and present a debate with Donald Trump arguing with himself, using different interview clips.

A humorous moment came when Colbert fielded a question from “Megyn K.” who was from 2011, in which Trump said Kelly did a great job moderating the debates. For a rebuttal from Trump himself, another clip was played where he claimed that he had “zero respect for Megyn Kelly”. It would seem that Trump is his own biggest critic, and as Colbert said on the show, he’s just as divided as the country is.

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