30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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5. Cartoon Donald Trump is less cartoonish than the real thing

In the midst of a plague of controversy surrounding accusations against Donald Trump’s top advisor, Trump devolved into what Stephen Colbert called a cartoonish version of himself. As Colbert noted on The Late Show, an actual cartoon of Donald Trump would even be less cartoonish than the real Donald. And what a better way to prove that point than to have the cartoon version of Donald Trump come out on the show as a guest.

In the “interview”, Trump acted like a toddler in trouble, using such phrases like “He started it!” With the exaggerated mannerisms and statements, it was a goofy representation of the Donald, but not entirely inaccurate. Colbert was annoyed with the cartoon Trump enough to tell him that he was sounding like an idiot, but Trump is so quick to use childish retorts like, “I know you are but what am I?”, making it impossible to effectively interview him.

Cartoon Donald Trump is a hysterical characterization of the Republican nominee, and the only bad part about watching this clip is knowing that this character will only be used in The Late Show segments rather than having his own episodic series.

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