30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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6. Conan imagines Trump being offended by teen comedian

America’s Got Talent is known for bringing in performers of all ages to showcase their various talents. The appearance on the program of 13 year old Lori Mae Hernandez went viral following a stand-up comedy act which saw her taking a few shots at Donald Trump, which were mostly harmless. It was funny, but nothing more than a kid getting some laughs on an entertainment show.

In the aftermath of the comedy bit, Trump didn’t immediately take to Twitter to bully Hernandez— which was actually surprising, given how sensitive he is any time he is criticized about anything. But what if he had fought back in a series of sad tweets? Conan O’Brien thought it’d be funny to think about, and on his show, he presented a series of fake tweets of Trump throwing a fit about the act.

Calling the girl “Lame Lori”, Trump dove into a tirade directed against Hernandez and America’s Got Talent. It concludes with Trump calling for Hernandez to be placed in prison alongside Hillary Clinton, before the Republican nominee suspends his whole campaign upon being bested by a child. Maybe the tweets weren’t real, but they were so believable as things Trump would actually say that the top comment on the YouTube video reads, “Agree if you thought the first tweet was real.”

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