30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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7. Colbert laughs at Donald Trump’s chicken eating habits

As Trump has been a lifelong millionaire, it’s very common for him to see accusations of being out of touch, not as a “man of the people”. That’s not good when it comes to trying to garner votes. People want to elect someone who is like them, an ordinary person on the same level as all of us. We want to relate to the candidates we elect.

That’s why Trump took to Twitter to tweet a picture of himself “eating” KFC on his personal jet. See? He’s not at a five-star Michelin restaurant like some sort of rich, out of touch politician. He’s just a normal Joe after all!

Unfortunately, there were some problems with the picture— aside from the fact that the utensils aren’t dirty and it’s highly unlikely Trump actually ate any of the food— and Stephen Colbert chose to talk about them on The Late Show. For starters, he’s using a knife and fork to each the fried chicken. He’s also “eating” the food on a private jet. If this picture was supposed to make Trump easier to relate to for most Americans, it pretty much failed massively on all accounts.

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