30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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8. John Oliver demolishes Trump’s border wall fantasy

Donald Trump’s biggest selling point, or at least the one he always falls back on, is his zany idea that he’s going to be able to have a border wall built along the Mexican border to cut down on immigration. Pulling off such a feat might be ridiculously implausible, but that hasn’t stopped the majority of his supporters from taking it as gospel and preparing for it to happen.

Unfortunately for them, Trump’s border wall fantasies will never work out. On his HBO program, John Oliver decided to humor Trump and objectively look at the proposal. After first taking a look at the fluctuating price ranges Trump keeps throwing around for the wall, first suggesting it would cost $4 billion and later claiming it’d be $10 to $12 billion. It’s not a good sign when he can’t even decide how just how much it’d take to build it.

Trump said he wants to use concrete, rebar, and steel to build the wall, but the amount he would need depends upon how high he wants the wall. Who knows his real plan, as he’s given numbers for the wall’s height from anywhere between 35 to 90 feet.

But using his lowest number, 35, for the sake of an estimate, Oliver discovered that this plan for a wall would cost $16 billion, minimum. And that’s not even counting all of the additional costs, such as building roads and transporting materials— when all is said and done, we’re looking at around $25 billion dollars. Not quite as cheap and easy as Trump makes it seem.

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