30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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9. Jimmy Kimmel introduces a Donald Trump musical

It’s nothing new when late night TV hosts roast Donald Trump, so it’s always a little more special when other celebrities are brought into the mix. Such was the case on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane teamed up for a parody advertisement for an upcoming musical about Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in the presidential elections.

Broderick and Lane star as two high-ranking Republican officials who come up with a plan to nominate the worst possible candidate they can, with the intention of losing the election on purpose to scam millionaire campaign donors. Beloved actress Cloris Leachman also appeared in the sketch as a rich woman who is duped by the two swindlers.

But as with real life, the unthinkable happens when Trump finds himself being surprisingly successful in his campaign. Broderick and Lane’s characters run through the list of all of Trump’s gaffes, baffled at how it hasn’t derailed the campaign. Described as something that starts out funny but quickly becomes horribly depressing, the spoof advertisement, in many ways, accurately describes Trump’s bid to become the next president. It all concludes with a hilarious musical rendition from the actors.

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