30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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10. Donald Trump speaks with Little Trump

Before Donald Trump chose Indiana’s Mike Pence as his official running mate, everyone was wanting to know just who would be getting the call. That question was answered in a sketch on The Tonight Show when Fallon, dressed up as Donald Trump, introduced his running mate— a child version of himself called Little Donald. With that, a kid Donald Trump came out to accept his role as Trump’s running mate.

Portrayed by a very talented eighth grader, Little Donald came across as a legitimate middle school version of the Republican nominee. He not only had the look, complete with the horribly done spray tan and goofy hair, but he nailed Trump’s mannerisms incredibly well. We can start getting used to Jimmy Fallon doing Trump impression as he’s done so quite often, but it added another layer of hilarity when he did it alongside a teenager who was just as good.

Little Donald, known in real life as Jack Aiello, was drafted by Fallon to play Trump’s mini-me after a video went viral of the 14 year old doing impressions of the presidential candidates. While still in character as Little Donald, Fallon’s Trump had his smaller version “prank call” Hillary Clinton as Bernie Sanders, and vice versa.

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