30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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11. Jimmy Kimmel tests loyalty of Trump supporters

So many people are staunch supporters of Donald Trump, no matter how baffling that might seem to others. It seems like a lot of them are such big Trump fans that there’s nothing he could do to make them not vote for him, considering all of the controversial things he says which have no negative effect on his campaign.

Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to test just how far this loyalty would go with the die hard Trump supporters. It was surprising to see just how much he could get away with, when it comes to keeping some of these supporters. Some supporters said they’d still vote for Trump if he was caught smoking crack, or set the American flag on fire. One said he wouldn’t have been surprised if Trump actually had a hidden swastika tattoo, but that still wouldn’t make him lose his support for the Donald.

With most of them, murder was where they drew the line. It’s pretty sad that it would take something as extreme as killing somebody on national television to actually turn some of Trump’s biggest fans away from him, but it’s really not too shocking when you consider how widely-known it is already that Trump is basically insane.

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