30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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12. Donald Trump’s contradictions give Stephen Colbert whiplash

When it comes to flip flopping, Donald Trump is one of the very worst offenders. Some of the things he has spoken for passionately, he has also spoken against with just as conviction. How does Trump really feel about anything? Nobody really knows.

When it comes to Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine, in particular, Trump was dancing back and forth with the things he was saying so much that it basically gave Stephen Colbert whiplash. On The Late Show, Colbert showed several clips of Trump talking about Vladimir Putin and whether or not he had a relationship with him, and Trump’s own answers offered very different stories. Seeing is believing, and there’s no denying it when two separate opinions are played side by side.

For example, when asked about whether he actually knew Putin, Trump claimed that he “had no relationship” with him. However, that starkly contrasted with a clip from a previous interview with Trump, where he said he and Putin had a good relationship. He then said he never met Putin in Moscow, before being shown in another clip talking about meeting with Putin there. After each contradictory clip of Trump, Stephen’s neck injury would appear more and more severe.

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