30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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13. Colbert explains Trump’s odd way of dealing with controversy

Republican nominee Donald Trump has said a lot of horrible and embarrassing things throughout his campaign, statements which would surely bury any other presidential candidate in the ensuring firestorm in the media. Somehow, though, the controversy only fans the flames of Trump’s popularity, and each issue always seems to be quickly forgotten.

So how does Trump make the controversy go away whenever he is blasted in the media for saying something stupid? He’ll say something even worse. As Stephen Colbert explained on The Late Show, Trump’s odd way of taking the focus away from one gaffe is to come out with an all new one, even more horrible than the one before it.

For example, he once called Mexicans “murderers and rapists”. Then he made us forget about that by saying war veteran John McCain wasn’t a hero because he was a P.O.W. In the midst of that controversy, he delivered his comment about blood coming out of Megyn Kelly’s “wherever”. From there, he moves on to more horrible statements, like references to his genitals and suggesting that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK.

It’s never-ending and Trump has rode this strategy all the way to today.

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