30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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14. Trevor Noah explains Trump’s baffling candidacy success

Donald Trump has been such a divisive presidential candidate, that even many members of his own Republican party never wanted him to be the nominee. His popularity with voters forced other Republicans to reluctantly support his campaign, with many of them still unhappy with whom they had to settle for. But according to Trevor Noah, they all brought this upon themselves.

On The Daily Show, Noah opened up a segment with a compilation of many Republican leaders speaking negatively about Donald Trump, insisting that he doesn’t represent their party or its values in any way. But then he followed it up with some clips of Republican politicians demanding that a “businessman” run the country, as Obama had no business experience. And obviously, Trump fits the bill as a businessman, regardless of how shoddy his track record is with it.

But what really links them together is their xenophobic hatred of Muslims. This is something common among Republicans, and Trump is the most outspoken of them all. Finally, Trump is revealed to be someone who bends the truth more often than not, and is definitely not politically correct— both of which also make him fit right in with the party after all.

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