30 most hilarious late night take downs of Donald Trump

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15. Seth Meyers offers Trump a new television show

Donald Trump has been one of the favorite targets of Seth Meyers on his late night program, with Meyers constantly finding new reasons to take him down. One interesting moment on the show came from when Meyers took a new approach to try to appeal to Trump, by making him an incredible offer.

Theorizing that Trump doesn’t truly want to become President but only wants the glory from it, Meyers had a proposal for the Republican hopeful to think about. If Trump were to officially drop out of the race before the Republican National Convention, he would be rewarded with his very own television show on NBC in which he would play a fictional president.

According to Meyers, the scripted, 13-episode series would even feature a CGI wall. If Trump wanted, the show could be written specifically to include whatever else from his dream campaign he’d want. For example, he could even have the role of a corrupt judge played by Jimmy Smits written in, who literally just admits aloud he’s biased against Trump.

Not that Trump would ever actually accept this deal, but Meyers made sure to clarify that he never actually ran this idea by NBC, but as they allow Meyers himself on the air, then this idea shouldn’t be a problem.

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