30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
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2. Stewart spends a whole episode mocking Glenn Beck

The previous entry about Stewart going into an impromptu Glenn Beck impersonation was amazing, but things only got better from there. A few months later, Stewart would appear on The Daily Show in character as Beck, telling viewers at the start that this episode was very important, and if they didn’t watch the show, they just might die.

Stewart would spend half the episode sarcastically mocking Beck and his show, delivering outlandish conspiracy theories and nailing his mannerisms perfectly. It was the best Glenn Beck impression which has ever been televised, and it’s worth watching several times over. He hits Beck hard in several ways, including the following line which sums up Beck’s entire show and every theory he presents:

“I’m not saying that believing there should be a minimum standard for how much lead can be in our paint might lead to the government having the right to sterilize and kill Jews, I’m not saying that that might be the case— that’s the case.”

Beck’s roasting was picked up on by the mainstream media and Beck saw himself as the laughingstock of television for weeks to come.

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