30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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7. Stewart shuts down Ron Paul’s ramblings with one word

Back in the 2012 Republican primaries, Ron Paul was aiming for the nomination for a run against Barack Obama. With many other hopefuls, Paul took the stage during the course of the debates, present when the hot button issue of immigration came up.

The question of whether a five year old illegal immigrant should be able to get medical care if they go to a hospital was raised, and even most Republicans should be able to agree that it’s never acceptable to turn away a child in need of emergency treatment. But Paul answered by entering into a seemingly never ending rant, talking about everything from the Catholic church and the economy— and not even answering the question.

After the long-winded rant, which, again, started with the simple question as to whether undocumented children should be able to get healthcare if they are in need and go to a hospital, Stewart gave Paul the answer he should have said in a clip on The Daily Show. He played a clip of Paul’s speech, followed with this suggestion:

“I’m sorry Congressman Paul, the correct answer is, ‘Yes. Five year olds get emergency treatment, yes.'”

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