30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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30. Stewart rips John McCain over flip flopping on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

The LGBT community has had to fight for their progressive rights for many decades, with the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” enacted in 2011 being one of the more significant milestones. As it sounds, the law prohibited gay and lesbian members of the military to disclose their sexual orientation, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to serve.

By November 2010, the majority of American citizens wanted to put an end to this discriminatory law, including over 70% of the military. But not everyone wanted to see the policy go away, including veteran and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain. After previously saying he’d support a repeal so as long as military leaders agreed, McCain changed his stance when they did exactly that, then saying that a year-long study must be done to observe the effects of doing away with the outdated law.

Enter Jon Stewart, who took to The Daily Show to demonstrate how ridiculous it was for McCain to stall for years on this progressive issue while seemingly picking his pick for vice president out of a hat. Here’s the burn Stewart delivered on the program:

“It’s the ‘maverick’ way. Spend a year studying whether or not soldiers deserve full civil rights, and a half-an-hour deciding who will be your presidential running mate.”

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