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Chris Farley on SNL (NBC)
Chris Farley on SNL (NBC) /

Chris Farley (Wisconsin)

Arguably the funniest big man of all time, longtime fans of Saturday Night Live will never forget Chris Farley. The intense energy he brought to every role made him absolutely hysterical, and even the most badly-written sketches could be spun into gold just by adding Farley into the mix. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one skit he’s done that didn’t make me laugh.

Farley grew up in Wisconsin and worked at an oil company prior to jumping into his real passion, comedy. He found success in Chicago at the Second City Theatre and was later cast as along with Chris Rock for Saturday Night Live in early 1990. He’s had so many great characters, but the most popular is probably Matt Foley, the motivational speaker who lives in a “van down by the river” and screams as much to the people he’s there to help.

While Farley was beloved by the fans, he was constantly ruffling feathers backstage with Adam Sandler. The two were constantly doing pranks in the SNL offices, with Farley reportedly spending a lot of time getting naked for the sake of laughs. According to Sandler, he and Farley were fired together in 1995 out of the blue, seemingly for these reasons.

But Chris Farley will always remain one of the all-time greatest comedians to ever appear on Saturday Night Live, as he was truly a very unique soul and we’ll never see anything like him again.