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Gail Matthius from SNL (NBC)
Gail Matthius from SNL (NBC) /

Gail Matthius (South Dakota)

Actress and comedian Gail Matthius was originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, before relocating to Los Angeles to find work performing comedy. After doing shows at The Comedy Store, she had succeeded in an audition for a spot on Saturday Night Live during its 1980-1981 season.

While she was genuinely funny, her casting came at an unfortunate time. The series was at its low point in terms of ratings and reviews, and the future of the show was in jeopardy. She was let go with most of the other cast at the end of the season, but was recently recognized by Rolling Stone as a “flicker of hope in the ‘Saturday Night Live ’80 debacle’.” She could have done a lot more if given the opportunity.

During her time on the short series, Matthius developed a Valley girl character named Vicki who was constantly getting on everyone’s nerves, as well as other characters and celebrity impersonations like Brooke Shields and Nancy Reagan. Prior to leaving she would also co-host Weekend Update with Charles Rocket.

Matthius would later lend her voice to animated series like Bobby’s World and Tiny Toon Adventures and these days works as a theater coach and teacher.

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