Best SNL cast member from each state

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Adam Sandler on SNL (NBC)
Adam Sandler on SNL (NBC) /

Adam Sandler (New York)

There have been seemingly countless comedians from the New York area to appear on Saturday Night Live over the years, but choosing the funniest one for this list wasn’t as difficult as you might think. That’s because Adam Sandler is a once in a lifetime comedian, truly a unique individual who will always be remembered as one of the most popular actors to come out of the sketch comedy show.

In 1990, very soon into Sandler’s comedy career, he was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live, and would become a featured player on the show the next year. He performed as several various characters on the show, such as Cajun Man and Canteen Boy, but his most remembered is probably the eccentric Opera Man, who would often appear on Weekend Update to essentially sing the news.

Sandler’s best contributions to the series were probably his original songs. Appearing on the show with a guitar in hand, Sandler would sing renditions of songs he wrote, notably “The Thanksgiving Song” and “The Chanukah Song”. He left SNL in 1995 and pursued a very successful career in Hollywood with feature films, ultimately becoming one of the biggest comedy stars ever.

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