Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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24. Nancy Kerrigan

Poor Nancy Kerrigan just can’t catch a break. She appeared on SNL’s 19th season, just months after she was attacked by competitor Tonya Harding. Kerrigan missed the next skating event, which Harding won.

Nancy Kerrigan was brought on at a time when the popularity of figure skating was actually huge, and she still couldn’t catch a win. The scenes were full of awkward references to Kerrigan’s knee, most notably in the spoof of a sports talk show titled “Sports Beat”. Kerrigan doesn’t really seem like a part of the show, she’s just a prop, an avenue for the people who are actually funny to make jokes.

She sits there, answers weird questions about her knee, and the combination of Norm MacDonald and Rob Schneider make the jokes.

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