Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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16. Charles Barkley

Chuck hosted SNL three times, once in 1993, once in 2010, and then again in 2012. He was pretty good in 1993, especially in “Daily Affirmation” which also featured Muggsy Bogues, in which he comes to grips with never winning a championship.

Even though Sir Charles was downright hilarious in his 2012 hosting, he gets marked down because he got to host three times. Arguably his best performance was 2010’s skit “Reel Quotes”, in which Barkley gets everything hilariously wrong. It’s like a different version of Celebrity Jeopardy, except it’s just Charles Barkley, posing as a Blockbuster owner, messing with Bill Hader.

It’s full of topical Blockbuster and movie jokes, and really lets Barkley’s relentless insistence shine through.

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