Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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Sports have a long history of crossing over with pop culture. Here’s every single athlete that’s been on SNL, ranked.

Ever since the days of Fran Tarkenton, athletes have hosted SNL. The show is normally reserved for actors and other celebrities, but athletes have proven to be some of the funniest hosts over the years. From the sarcastic bluntness of Peyton Manning to the cross dressing of Charles Barkley, athletes have proven that they can hang with the best of the comedians over the years.

Unfortunately, there have been some duds too. Nancy Kerrigan’s spot wasn’t especially memorable, and unlike his brother, Eli Manning is only funny to look at. Failures on SNL aren’t intrinsically tied to sports figures; Adrian Brody’s improvisational entrance for Sean Paul was one of the least funny things ever put on Saturday Night Live.

However, there are definitely some people that were born for the bright lights of the stage, and some that definitely weren’t.

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