The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 5-23


It’s another busy week for late night TV. All the late night shows are back on schedule, with new episodes coming from Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert and Conan. Fallon had a strong Monday showing with guests Jennifer Lawrence and George Lopez. Even John Oliver stopped by to help with a game of True Confessions. Here’s the full recap.


Fallon jumped right into some Trump gossip to start the monologue. It has been rumored that Donald Trump has had dealings with the mob, including a current convict named Johny “No Socks.” According to Jimmy, Johny said that was between him and “Donald Three Wives.” Fallon had a nice follow-up joke that that and said “No Socks” could change his name to “Johny Easy Christmas Gift.” From there, Fallon moved onto Obama. He played a solid bit about the president wanting to open a store called “Fries in a Cup” after his presidency. Yes, it was as odd as it sounds. Fallon talked sports and the guy who live streamed the birth of his child to finish out the start of the show. It was a brief one to make time for Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the show.

To the Desk

Do Not Play List

Do Not Play List is a solid bit that Fallon does every few months. It’s similar to the Do Not Read List, which is a list of real books that Fallon showcases to show how ridiculous they are. Instead of books, the Do Not Play List is real songs. It doesn’t make much sense to write about the songs that were played, so I’ll post the video instead. Check out the segment below.

The Guests

Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law made quite the entrance. She hit the stage and did an awkward dance with Fallon, which they had a good laugh about. She said she didn’t have a good feeling about the show. She doesn’t know why, but she got that vibe on her way to the set. From there, Fallon talked to her about her friendship with Robert DeNiro. She said there isn’t much to talk about since he’s so quiet and barely talks. She does have dinner with him every week, but there’s never much to talk about. While on that topic, she talked about her early media training. She often says ridiculous things while on media tours and had to be coached when she first started acting. She said it didn’t take. The interview ended with a clip from her upcoming movie X-Men Apocalypse.

True Confessions

True Confessions is a great game that Fallon plays with two guests. One of the guests says something about themselves, and the two others have a minute to ask question to determine whether the statement is true or false. Fallon brought out John Oliver to sit in as the third guest. Check out the segment below.

George Lopez

Not to be upstaged, George Lopez also came out dancing. Fallon complimented George on his daughter who was backstage. Apparently, his daughter loves Fallon. George showed off some pictures of his daughter who posed with Fallon’s wax figure. Lopez is a funny guest. He’s always in standup mode. He joked about his looks. He said he looked like Manny Pacquiao and Colonel Sanders had a baby.

The episode concluded with a performance by Tom Odell. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s show which welcomes Dave Franco and Tyler Perry.