Stephen Colbert mocks Kanye West’s Ellen rant on Late Show


Late Show’s Stephen Colbert parodies Kanye West’s Ellen interview

On Friday’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert delivered his own long-winded rant reminiscent of Kanye West’s bizarre speech that quickly went viral during a recent episode of Ellen, or as the host described the show, “the #1 place for hip-hop.” Colbert noted that the nearly eight-minute rant was “pure-adulterated Kanye because no one else was allowed to speak,” which “held forth on every subject, from ‘Kanye’ to ‘West.'”

As seen in snippets that Colbert showed his audience, his visit to Ellen found the controversial rapper discussing his fashion career, his interest in collaborating with Payless, people’s perception of him, his pleas for Mark Zuckerberg to give him $1 billion and his ability to make human race existence better, as well as references to Picasso, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, all while Ellen DeGeneres helplessly looked on. West ended by apologizing to daytime TV for “the realness.”

“That was the realest daytime TV has gotten since Bob Barker neutered a cat on live TV,” Colbert joked. While the comedian admitted that many dismissed the musician’s speech as a “rambling, incoherent word dump,” he disagreed with the consensus because he and West are actually very similar. He then went on his own Kanye-like rant before introducing his first guest, Seth Rogen:

"“I feel like if Mark Zuckerberg gave me $53 million, I could buy more shoes. I got some Rockports at Payless. They’re ugly but they’re great for slipping on in the morning to get the paper. I have ideas that can make human existence better. Period. End of sentence. Punctuation. Semicolon. Ellipses. Parentheses. I want to make better hot dog buns. People say that’s crazy when I talk to them at a party about hot dog buns, but when I was in second grade, I ate hot dogs. I called Oscar Meyer, I’m like, ‘We gotta make longer buns that match the length of the hot dogs, alright.’ I want to take everything I’ve learned from lunch and put it into a bun because yes, yes, we have no bananas. Humans are connected. Picasso is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Sleeping beauty is not dead, just looks dead. Somebody kiss me, I’m a pretty girl, where’s my castle? Where’s my apple? I was raised by wolves. Tarzan was my nanny. I want to change the world, man. I want to invent fashion that stops global warming and a computer that fixes racism. I want to own a boat so big it ends poverty. I’m sorry late-night TV. I’m sorry for the realitude. I’m sorry for dropping honesty clusters into your healthy morning breakfast cereal. I have resources that can help the human race. A hundred years in the future and a hundred years in the past. That’s my skill set. Color palette, soft palette, soft cheeses. Easy cheesie, lemon squeezy. I’m talking bout Yeezy. George and Weezy. We’re all moving on up.”"

Watch the clip in its entirety below:

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Although West gives plenty of fodder to his critics, he continues to be talked about and be anything but boring, showing why he and his wife, Kim Kardashian, are perfectly suited for one another, though he does actually have plenty of talent. Surprisingly, his profanity-laced tirade actually had some nuggets of truth, such as the fact that the outspoken rapper did actually reach out to Payless’ CEO about working together.

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