The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 5-19


Fallon’s solid week continued to charge forward on Thursday night’s show. Fallon welcomed star and writer of the upcoming comedy Neighbors 2 Seth Rogan. The two put on a show called Kid Standup Theater. Plus, Fallon’s old SNL friend Fred Armisen was the second guest. Here’s the full recap.


Jimmy dove right into political humor to kick things off. It was recently reported that Donald Trump has large portraits of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan in his headquarters. Jimmy joked that if you don’t see them right away, it’s because they’re right behind the even bigger portrait of Donald Trump. CBS just announced that the 31st season of Survivor is going to be Gen X versus millennial. The punchline: it will be canceled after the first episode because the millennial won’t have any wifi. He followed up the joke by saying it’s a battle to see who can’t and who can’t even. Finally, the Wall St. Journal reported that there’s an influx of cheese and that everyone will have to eat much more cheese to get rid of it all. So the next time you eat extra cheese you can say that you did it for America.

To the Desk

Tonight Show Hashtags

It’s Thursday. That means it’s time for Tonight Show Hashtags. This week’s hashtag was #MyWeirdNeighbor. Here are some of the highlights.

The Guests

Seth Rogan

Seth came out to a standing ovation. Before talking about Neighbors 2, Fallon asked Seth about his upcoming project with AMC called The Preacher. He’s the executive producer on it, and it’s one of his favorite comic books. The show airs later this week. After that was out of the way, Fallon brought up a story about Rogan’s dad. He wears a hunting shirt and a purse. Seth added that he’s never hunted, being a jew from New Jersey. Rogan asked his dad why he carries a purse, and his dad gave him the suitable response: “I have too much stuff in my pockets.” Seth said they’ve always been supportive parents. They drove him to his first comedy gigs. His first one was at a gay bar called Lotus Bar. His parents actually gave Fallon an old clip of a young Seth Rogan doing standup. He was actually pretty great even at a young age. To end the interview, Rogan set up a clip from Neighbors 2. 

Kid Standup Theater

In a bit that Fallon has done in the past, he asked kids to write in jokes that they can come up with for a standup routine. Then Seth and Jimmy performed them as a standup routine. Check out the clip below.

Fred Armisen 

Fallon interviewing Armisen is comedy gold. Fred said he can’t wait to finally host SNL on Saturday. He said he remembered when Fallon hosted and he never thought it could be as busy Fallon made it seem, but it really is between all the prep and promo. After the introductory talk, the two went into a bit about both of them being able to read each others’ minds. Fallon wrote down a word and Armisen tried to guess it. They switched it up and Fallon tried to guess his word. The bit was classic zany Armisen. Just a strange concept, but they made it work thanks to their improv skills.

The episode concluded with a performance from Corrine Bailey Rae. Tune in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes comedy legend Billy Crystal.