The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 5-18


It’s been a great week of Fallon so far. He’s played games with Bryce Harper, Gigi Hadid, Andy Samberg, Miley Cyrus and Josh Gad. Wednesday’s episode welcomed Zac Efron, who’s always down for entertaining the audience. The game of the night was Water War. Here’s the full recap.


Fallon kicked things off with some political chatter. During yesterday’s primaries, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter and declared victory before all the votes had been counted. Jimmy joked that the move was a bit premature, but Hillary is already thinking of herself as a president. From there he commented on the big interview between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump. Mark Cuban recently commented that if Donald Trump won the election, it would be bad for Wall Street. Jimmy joked that Donald was just endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Telemundo is teaming up with BuzzFeed to make a new soap opera called Much Ado about Nada. Fallon played a spoofed clip from the soap that with dialog that was all lists and quizzes. The monologue was a quick one to make time for the games and guests.

To the Desk

Tonight Show Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box is always a good bit. Jimmy picks fictitious notes from the Tonight Show suggestion box and answers them. Fallon may or may not have done The Running Man that has been taking social media by storm. Most of them are video bits which doesn’t translate well to a written recap, so I’ll post the video below once it’s live on Fallon’s YouTube page.

The Guests

Zac Efron

Fallon brought out a picture of young Zac Efron with crimped hair to start the interview. The picture was taken at an acting camp in which Zac had to lie about his age to get into. Older girls at the camp ended up crimping his hair. Fallon surprised him by pulling out a similar wig. They put on matching wigs and carried out the entire interview in them. Fallon joked about hitting a club with them. The roots gave them a beat while the two danced. The visual was priceless. It was similar to when Fallon interviewed Bradley Cooper a couple years ago with visor wigs on. Zac was there to promote Neighbors 2, but he could barely keep a straight face while wearing the wigs. It was one of the funniest interviews in a while.

Water War

Water War is a game that Fallon breaks out every so often. He and his guest play several hands of war. The loser of the hand gets drenched by a pitcher of water. The last hand decides who gets hit with the show’s massive water fun. Check out the clip below.

Carmelo Anthony

Fallon asked Carmelo about his new business venture. Apparently, he bought a soccer team in Puerto Rico. Fallon said he loves Puerto Rico and vacations there sometimes. The two talked about a beverage from the island that Fallon described as similar to eggnog. He said they should get into that business together. Carmelo was on the show to promote his new clothing line at Macy’s that is tied to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Carmel is actually in the movie. He said he was always a fan of the Ninja Turtles growing up, and so is his son. Fallon said he bonded with Carmelo’s son during a basketball game. He joked that it was because he has the brain of a 9-year-old.

The episode concluded with a performance from OneRepublic. Tune in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes Seth Rogan. It should be a good one!