The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 5-16


It should be a breezy week for Fallon and company. The show has limited competition this week since Conan and Kimmel are both on vacation. Last week ended on a strong note with Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington and Rose Byrn. Fallon kicked off this week just as strong. Andy Samberg joined the show, and had some fun with Fallon and the gang. Here’s the full recap.


Fallon commented on the recent New York Times article that painted future republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a sexist. The article mentioned that when Trump was running the Miss USA pageant, he would often rate the women directly to their faces. As Fallon puts it, that’s every beauty pageant ever. Fallon wasn’t done with Trump after that. A restaurant in Lithuania is displaying a mural that shows him kissing Vladimir Putin. According to Fallon, Trump said he isn’t mad about the mural showing him kissing a man. He’s mad it shows him kissing someone over 40. From there, Fallon pivoted to sports and the Angry Birds movie. He said the birds really are angry in the movie, but mainly because the movie didn’t come out two years ago.

To the Desk

I’m on a Boat (with classroom instruments)

This is the clip everyone will be talking about this week. The Lonely Island performed one of their most famous songs with the roots, but it was performed with classroom instruments. That’s a classic bit on The Tonight Show, but it usually features pop songs. The best part of the performance: Jorma Taccone is in a dunce cap, not participating in the song. Check out the whole clip below.

The Guests

Andy Samberg

Andy came out to talk about the filming of the “I’m on a Boat” bit. They had to clean up the song quite a bit, since the original has some language that is inappropriate for television. Samberg was on The Tonight Show to promote his new mockumentary called Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Fallon raved about the film, saying it was his favorite movie he’s seen this year. He said the movie is nonstop jokes from the beginning to the end. If you don’t know, Samberg plays a pop star in the middle of his rise to fame. It’s kind of a spoof on Bieber-type stars. Samberg surprised Fallon with a clip The Lonely Island put together from their press tour. They continuously misquoted Jimmy Fallon during the interviews with ridiculous sayings and words of wisdom. They did so with a perfect deadpan style. Check out the interview below.


Catchphrase is always a fun bit to watch. Samberg teamed up with Gigi Hadid and Fallon’s partner was Bryce Harper. Check out the segment below.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi and Fallon talked about some of Bryce Harper’s made up rules during Catchphrase. Bryce didn’t really understand that his partner had to say the full phrases and not just one word. Gigi was very competitive, and was excited that she won. She was on to promote her new clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger. She just turned 21 and celebrated with a trip to vegas.

The episode concluded with a performance from The Kills. Tune in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes Miley Cyrus and Josh Gad. Gad is always a funny guest, so it should be a solid episode.