David Spade talks standup, skiing and condoms on Fallon


Some of the best guests on Fallon’s Tonight Show are Saturday Night Live alums, or really anyone with a comedy background. Out of that group, David Spade just might be one of the best. He’s naturally funny, he’s able to keep up with Fallon’s quick wit and he has fantastic stories from the golden years of SNL. If anything, Fallon has to keep up with him.

Spade was out to promote his upcoming Netflix movie that co-stars Adam Sandler The Do Over. He was a guest on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show. Every time he heads to a late night talk show, he gets more and more bold. This time, he pushed the envelope when he talked about condoms that are too loose, plus he used some colorful language when describing the names of difficult slopes at a ski resort, referring to them as “Satan’s Ballsack” and “Hitler’s Abortion.”

Fallon looked slightly taken aback by the words used, but he knows Spade’s brand of humor and couldn’t stop laughing. He asked Spade about his standup tour that Spade, Sandler and others decided to go on after shooting The Do Over. It sounds like Spade and the rest of the SNL alums have a great time on the road. He told some of Norm McDonald’s and Sandler’s jokes during their act. There weren’t any games played on, but it didn’t matter. Spade’s interview was funnier than any game Fallon could’ve played with him. Take a look at the video below.

The Do Over is Sandler’s second movie in his four-picture deal with Netflix. It will be available to stream beginning on May 27. Be sure to check back to Last Night On for recaps and highlights from Fallon and the rest of the late night television lineup this week. Thursday’s episode welcomes Drake. That should be a good one.