The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 5-9


It will be tough to top last week’s run of Fallon’s Tonight Show. As we all celebrated the arrival of Captain America: Civil War, Fallon welcomed numerous guests from the film. This week isn’t a bad guest lineup either. The week kicked off with a lukewarm offering of Jodie Foster and Daveed Diggs. Here’s the full recap.


Fallon kicked off the monologue by congratulating some of the weekend’s sports winners. Nyqvist won the Kentucky Derby, Mets pitcher Bartolo Cologne hit his first home run, and olympic swimmer Michael Phelps welcomed his first child. From there, he pivoted to politics. Donald Trump flip flopped on his tax plan. Originally he said that taxes for the rich would go down. Now he’s saying they would go up. Fallon joked that he really is turning into a politician since he’s promising two things. There was big news for One Direction fans, as singer Harry Styles cut off his hair for charity. Fallon posted a humorous picture of Trump with Harry’s old hair.

To The Desk

Bad Signs

Bad signs is a new bit where people send in funny signs that they see. They are very real. It’s similar to Jay Leno’s signature Headlines bit, and it’s just as funny. Unfortunately, it’s a strictly visual segment, which doesn’t help me much when writing a recap. I’ll post the video once it’s live on Fallon’s YouTube channel.

The Guests

Jodie Foster

Jodie said she’s very excited to play Egg Russian Roulette. That was the one game she really wanted to play, apparently. Fallon and Jodie talked about every day things like what TV shows they watch and what shows are DVR’d. She said she doesn’t really handle the DVR, but her kids do. For some reason, Fallon started talking about Robert DeNiro who is known for not being much of a talker. They commiserated in working with DeNiro and trying to strike up a conversation with him. Jodie was on the show to promote the upcoming movie Money Monster. The interview ended with a clip. Then the two prepared to face off in Egg Russian Roulette after the break.

Egg Russian Roulette 

It’s one of Fallon’s Tonight Show staple. Fallon and his guests take turns picking up eggs from a carton. 4 of the eggs are raw while the rest are hard boiled. It’s a fun game that has a lot of tension. Jodie Foster was a good sport about it. Check out the clip below.

Daveed Diggs

Daveed Diggs is in the now legendary musical Hamilton. Jimmy congratulated him on his Tony Award nomination. He explained that Hamilton was his first musical ever. Before his fame, he delivered food in his old Honda Civic. Once he got the job in Hamilton, he just didn’t come back in. Fallon complimented Daveed for filling to roles during the show. He plays two different characters, one of which raps very fast. He treated the audience to some extremely fast raps to end the interview. Quite impressive.

The episode concluded with a performance from Graham Nash. Tune back in tomorrow when Jimmy welcomes David Spade. Spade is always a humorous guest with great stories.