The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 5-4


It’s a star studded week for Fallon and his Tonight Show. Various cast members from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will be stopping by. Captain America himself Chris Evans was the first from the film. Robert Downey Jr. is up later this week. Evans and Fallon tried out a new game called Frozen Black Jack. Here’s the full recap.


Tuesday marked the Indiana primary. Fallon’s show taped before the results came in, so prepare for some hefty humor aimed at Cruz tomorrow. Fallon instead aimed at Trump, joking about his latest endorsements Bobby Knight and Lou Holtz. Jimmy joked that Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS will be to challenge them to a college sporting event. Pivoting to sports themselves, Fallon commented on Space Jam 2, which is reportedly in the works. He made a solid punchline about how LeBron’s cartoon teammates won’t be much different from his actual teammates.

Joke of the Monologue: “The CEO of Priceline will reportedly step down after it was discovered that he had an affair with an employee. His wife isn’t happy, but on the bright side he knows where to go to get a good deal on a hotel.”

To The Desk

Joining The Roots on Tuesday was super talented rapper Lecrae. He’s promoting his new memoir, which is in stores now.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons isn’t officially a weekly tradition, but it sure seems like it. It’s like there isn’t a week that goes by where this bit doesn’t rear it’s ugly head. It’s not my favorite bit, but I guess something needs to fill the time. Tuesday’s themes: Going to Prom. Here are the highlights.

Pro: You and your date look like a million bucks
Con: Bernie Sanders now hates you

Pro: Your girlfriend’s mom greeted you with a smile
Con: Your girlfriend’s dad greeted you with resting bitch face

Pro: Spiking the punch bowl with six different-colored liquors
Con: Watching people puke snapchat rainbows for real

The Guests

Chris Evans

Chris Evans, just like his Civil War co-star Robert Downey Jr., is always an excellent guest on The Tonight Show. You wouldn’t know it from his portrayal of Cap, but he has excellent comedic timing. If you haven’t seen Not Another Teen Movie, check it out. He’s excellent in it.

Jimmy kicked off the interview by reminiscing about his last visit. Chris brought his brother and challenged them to a game of flip cup. Jimmy’s sister was his teammate, but it didn’t end well for Team Fallon. Chris got a new dog, and even brought some footage of the pooch. Eventually, the conversation got to Marvel’s Civil War. Chris thanked all of Marvel for putting this ambitious project together. He said he couldn’t have done it without the superb supporting cast. They closed the interview by talking about Stan Lee and how he loves being on set and seeing the movie come together.

Frozen Blackjack 

This is the new game of the show. Chris Evans came up with the game himself. It plays out like a normal game of Blackjack, except the loser has to take a pitcher of ice water down the pants. It was a goofy game, but one with some great comedic payoff. Check out the full video below. Be sure to watch until the last round.

Marc Maron

Marc Maron’s hit self-titled show is coming back to IFC. Marc apologized for being sort of under the weather. Apparently he and his girlfriend came down with illness two days into their visit to New York City. Before they talked about his show coming back, Jimmy asked him about his hit podcast, which he does from his garage. President Obama agreed to be on the show, and he actually came to the garage to record it. He also interviewed Kieth Richards. Kieth was finished up an NPR interview before he was interviewed by Maron. Kieth lit a cigarette in the studio during the interview, which apparently freaked out the NPR staff. From there, Marc talked about the plot of season four of his show.

Little Big Shots

Little Big Shots is the next big summer show from NBC, or so NBC hopes. It’s hosted by Steve Harvey. It features child prodigies that are exceptional at specific skills. It featured two twins who jammed out on trumpets. Two other twins who danced up a storm on tap shoes.

Tune back in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes Hawkeye himself Jeremy Renner.