Colbert hilariously skewers Ted Cruz over ‘Basketball Ring’

Ted Cruz’s now infamous “basketball ring” comment was the ultimate alley-oop for the late night comedy scene. No one had a better time laughing at Ted Cruz’s for his inability to relate to a public that loves sports than Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Colbert’s desk bit from Wednesday was all about Cruz’s gaff. He knows Cruz isn’t having the best time right now. He just got swept in this week’s four primaries. He’s mathematically eliminated from earning the majority of the republican delegates to become the presidential nominee. Despite that fact, he just named Carly Fiorina as his running mate. And on top of all that, he doesn’t know that everyone in the United States calls it a “basketball rim” or “hoop.” So to build up Cruz’s energy, Colbert gave him a vintage halftime pep talk. The only difference from his and other cliched sports speeches was that Colbert intentionally butchered all the typical sports phrases. Take a look at the video below.

Colbert wasn’t the only host to roast Cruz for the mistake. Jimmy Kimmel had a good laugh at his expense on his Wednesday episode, too. He took to the streets of L.A. to ask anyone what they call a “basketball hoop.” As you can assume, there wasn’t one person who called it a basketball ring.

Twitter and the rest of social media had a field day with the Cruz error. There’s one vine in particular that captures a girl in the background with a bewildered look on her face as soon as the words “basketball ring” come out of Cruz’s mouth. Others cite it as another example of Cruz trying to pander to an audience that he has nothing in common with.

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