The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recap – 4-14


Fallon is finishing out another strong week. There wasn’t as much late night competition this week as there usually is since Colbert’s Late Show was off this week. Nevertheless, Fallon’s Tonight Show had a strong lineup of Thursday guests with Hugh Laurie and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. Here’s the full recap.

The Monologue

Like so many monologues before Thursday’s, this one started out with some political humor. Thursday night had yet another democratic debate. Fallon joked that they would debate about big issues like which nominee has the more annoying supporters on Facebook. Fallon congratulated Kobe Bryant on his final game, which happened on Wednesday night. The punchline: when asked if his teammates are excited to get the ball more often they said, “oh he took the ball with him.” A viral clip is going around if a Tesla owners mother being freaked out by the car’s self-driving mode. Fallon got some good use out of that. Fallon closed the intro with a joke about inky the octopus who escaped from his aquarium. If you haven’t heard that story, google it!

To the Desk

Donald Trump talks to Ted Cruz

Fallon has been getting great mileage out of his Donald Trump impression. He even brought it out when the real Donald Trump was on the show. So with Ted Cruz on Thursday, he had to bring out his Donald impression again. The two had a pretty funny conversation. Check it out below.

Tonight Show Hashtags

It’s Fallon’s Thursday show. That means it’s time for Tonight Show Hashtags. This week’s topic: #MyGeniusIdea. Here are the highlights.

The Guests

Hugh Laurie 

Hugh Laurie is out to promote his new AMC show The Night Manager. Fallon began the interview with a bit of trivia about Laurie’s life. Laurie’s dad is actually gold medalist in the 1934 olympics for a rowing event. After the humorous exchange about that olympic event, but he was there to promote his new projects. He’ll appear in the upcoming season of HBO’s Veep plus AMC’s new miniseries The Night Manager. It was a brief interview that only really focused on those points.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is in town for the New York primary, so he decided to stop by The Tonight Show once again. Fallon brought out a segment of Ted Cruz’s old yearbook that had some eerie foreshadowing about his career. The young Cruz wanted to be a lawyer, open a law practice, start a career in politics and run for president. Cruz said he was a very driven kid. The interview went on to talk about Cruz’s tough road ahead in the New York primary. He’s not expected to win next week since it’s Donald’s home state. Ted explained how the republican delegates work and how the upcoming RNC could be contested.

The Thursday show concluded with a performance from Future. Be sure to tune back in for Fallon’s Friday show when he welcomes guests Robert DeNiro and Jessie Tyler Fergusen.