The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 4-12


Monday’s episode of Fallon was a bit of a snooze fest. Tuesday got things back on track. The Tonight Show always benefits from humorous guests, and Tuesday’s show brought one of the funniest people in the business. Amy Schumer stopped by. Here’s the full recap.

The Monologue 

Like many monologues before it, Tuesday’s kicked off with some political humor. Bill Clinton has been in the news recently. He’s in New York and attended the Hebrew Center for Aging. That opened the door nicely for a joke about Hillary Clinton dropping off Bernie Sanders at the Center. What would political humor be without some Trump humor. Fallon played some footage of Trump from a recent rally that was basically him just talking about himself. In other words, it was just like every other rally. Then came the clip of the monologue. John Kasich was at a town hall talking about how lunch ladies and janitors are the most important people in schools because kids feel comfortable telling them “their deepest, darkest fears.” Fallon had some fun with that ridiculous statement.

Joke of the monologue: A recent study suggests that most mothers favor one of their children over another. One mother said, “Don’t use my name because I don’t want Jeb to find out.”

To The Desk

Pros and Cons

It’s not my favorite bit, but Fallon has to fill time somehow. This week’s Pros and Cons were about campaigning in New York. Here are the highlights. The middle of the segment saw Fallon and Higgins doing their signature Monster Cables riff. It’s always good for laughs.

Pro: Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Bernie Sanders.
Con: She took 400 swipes at a subway turnstile.

Pro: Hillary is popular among supporters in Queens.
Con: Which explains her new slogan “YAAAAS QUEENS”

The Guests

Amy Schumer 

Amy came out and joked about how women usually sit on talk shows. She said she wasn’t up to the task tonight, as she slouched in the Tonight Show chair. Then she joked about being a “plus sized model.” That’s a jab at the recent controversy with Glamor Magazine which referred to her as plus sized. The joke there is that Amy is not actually plus sized. Amy really committed to the chair bit, as she uncomfortably sat in the guest chair. She then talked about her new romance with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s mother became the topic of conversation. Apparently she’s a very bubbly personality, and gushed about Amy to numerous reporters. Amy was there to promote the new season of Inside Amy Schumer. The fourth season premiers later this month on Comedy Central.

Explain This Photo

This is a great and personal bit that Fallon occasionally plays with his guests. The two swap phones before the show, and then Fallon and the guest find photos on the phone and ask the other to explain the picture. Check out the segment below.

Richard Linklater 

Richard Linklater is out to promote Everybody Wants Some. This was his first ever Tonight Show performance. Richard said this is one of the best cast he’s ever worked with. Known for his interesting directing methods, he made the cast live together for three weeks before shooting so their chemistry felt organic. It’s a classic summer movie from the 80’s. Jimmy gushed about the movie during the interview. It really does look entertaining. The interview ended with a clip of the cast rapping along with Rapper’s Delight.

Tuesday’s episode concluded with a performance from Zara Larson. Tune back in tomorrow for a recap when Jimmy welcomes Ice Cube and Ellie Kemper.