The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – 4-11 Recap


Monday episodes of Fallon can be hit or miss. They usually don’t have the guests that Thursday or Friday episodes have. Fallon kicked off his week with Fallonventions and welcomed Ben Kingsley and Common. There weren’t many buzz worthy moments, but a few laughs in the monologue. Here’s how Monday’s episode went down.

The Monologue

Fallon tried something new on Monday night. He came out to thank everyone for stopping by, followed by saying “that’s our show” and walked backstage. It has to be difficult to come up with something original to say every night when you hit the stage. This was a pretty solid idea. Jimmy kicked off the monologue with some talk about the upcoming Democratic Debate later this week. Bernie Sanders is already in New York for the debate and even went to see Hamilton with his wife. This opened the door for a joke about Sanders knowing the real Alexander Hamilton. North Korea started developing a rocket launch, but South Korea says it’s all boloney. Falling claimed to have a clip of the rocket test and showed a video of a flying lawn mower. A man got his first tattoo on his 104th birthday. The punchline: the artist said it was like trying to write on a wet paper towel with a ballpoint pen.

To The Desk

Obama Expressions

Obama Expressions isn’t an overused bit on Fallon, but it’s solid every time it makes an appearance. This edition had some great expressions like “The Chipotle just kicked in” and the “Srsly.” Check out the clip below.


Fallonventions usually airs at the end of the show to replace a musical guest. This wasn’t the case on Monday. Fallonventions came out before the guests did. Here are Monday’s inventions made by children.

The Guests

Sir Ben Kingsley 

Sir Ben Kingsley came out and joked with Fallon about what was in their water mugs. Jimmy tried to get him to talk about how he was a wine connoisseur, but that wasn’t at all true. He’s more of a beer drinker, or so he claims. Treading into more serious territory, Ben talked about the children in Fallonventions. He said it was great to see children’s ideas grow and not be interrupted by parents and teachers. Then the two talked about The Jungle Book, which comes out this Friday and is getting excellent reviews. They concluded the interview with Ben Kingsley talking and Fallon mouthing the words to make it seem like he was saying the words.


Common sat down with Fallon before performing with Ice Cube to close the show. Jimmy congratulated him on his Oscar win last year. He said he’s blessed and happy to be considered for his work on the song from Selma. But he was there to promote the upcoming Barbershop sequel. Common talked about the message of the movie and about communities supporting themselves. It’s based in Chicago. To close the interview, Fallon brought out pictures that swapped their faces and hair. It seemed sort of out of place, but oh well.

The episode concluded with a performance from Common and Ice Cube. Tune back in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes guests Amy Schumer and Richard Linklater.