Elizabeth Warren refuses to endorse Bernie Sanders on Colbert

Stephen Colbert pushes Elizabeth Warren to choose between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday to promote the new edition of her book, A Fighting Chance. During the interview, host Stephen Colbert asked the popular Democratic senator why she’s refused to endorse either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, and her thoughts on Donald Trump.

The comedian first asked Warren if she was surprised by the success that Sanders has had against Clinton. She responded that she feels that both candidates have done a good job of making the case that Washington isn’t working for most people. Colbert continued to push her on which candidate’s approach is more appealing to her, asking whether she’s on board with Sander’s revolution or Clinton’s “slow and steady” strategy.

Warren again hedged on the question, referring instead to the differences between the Democrats and Republicans while highlighting the issue of college debt. The host went on to describe the senator as “a combo platter” of both Democratic candidates, and asked her whether she regretted not getting into the race herself, but she responded that she’s too busy dedicating herself to her “fabulous job” fighting for issues that she feels are important, including getting more cops on Wall Street.

The topic allowed Colbert segue to Trump, who agrees with Warren on the issue of taxing hedge fund managers, but she quickly dismissed any similarities between the two.

“Let’s be real clear: Donald Trump is exactly looking out for one guy, and that guy is Donald Trump,” she said. Warren went on to attack the billionaire’s business record, claiming he has made money by “cheating and defrauding people” after inheriting a fortune from his father, before labeling him a loser.

Colbert ended the interview by returning to his initial question: “Before we let you go, who are you going to endorse, Hillary or Bernie, and feel free to give me a variety of non-answers.” As predicted, Warren again dodged the question, but agreed that the losing candidate’s supporters should vow to vote for the Democratic nominee. Watch the whole interview below:

Warren’s responses are unlikely to please Sanders’ supporters, who have been hoping her endorsement could help propel the self-described Democratic Socialist to victory. Her support was most needed and could have proved to be a deciding factor in the primary held in Massachusetts – the state she represents in Congress – which Clinton ended up winning by a small margin. The Bernie or Bust crowd may also be displeased with Warren for equating Sanders and Clinton, who they view as being quite different.

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