Hillary Clinton talks emails, polls and pot on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel asks Hillary Clinton about her email scandal, general election polls against Donald Trump and her stance on legalizing marijuana

Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel on his ABC late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night. During the interview, the Democratic presidential front-runner was asked about her “boring” emails, her thoughts on polls showing she has a big lead over Donald Trump and whether she thinks pot should be legalized.

“Over the last several months we’ve learned a lot about you, and I think more than anything we learned that your emails are very boring,” Kimmel said. The comedian then read one of those emails that was about buying apples for her office from a supplier.

“So this is about pot, right?” Kimmel joked. “This is code. This how you order marijuana in bulk.”

Clinton laughed, and then explained that she always has fresh apples in her office as a way to support the apple industry in New York, the state in which she was a senator.

Kimmel then took the opportunity to segue into a conversation about pot, asking the former secretary of state why she disagreed with her opponent Bernie Sanders on decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. Clinton responded that she supports states choosing to legalize medical marijuana and for recreational use, but stated that she still wanted to wait to see what the states learn from that experience before expanding it nationally.

However, she agreed that marijuana can help a lot of people such as those who are in cancer treatments or suffering from intense pain, and conceded that more research needed to be done before making a final decision. Despite her stance, Kimmel pointed out that Clinton has received the endorsement of one of the most famous potheads in the world. Watch the clip to find out who:

Kimmel later asked Clinton about a Bloomberg poll that showed that she would beat Trump by 18 points in a general election match-up. “Do you put a lot of stock into something like that?” he asked. Clinton replied in the negative, explaining that it was too soon in the race, especially since she’s yet to secure the Democratic nomination. The host then asked her about the Republican primaries, which she lamented had “descended into insults.”

“I’d like to see some punches thrown,” Kimmel admitted. “You should be careful [too] that Bernie doesn’t poke you in the eye with that finger he’s always pointing.”

Kimmel then inquired whether she looked forward to debating Trump. She said she did because she looked to forward to “seeing where he stands on issues.”

“Do you think he knows who the prime minister of Canada is?” Kimmel asked. Watch the clip below to hear Clinton’s response:

The rest of the interview was more comedic in nature, including a segment where Kimmel suggested several campaign slogans to rival Sanders’ “Feel the Bern” such as “Take a Hill Pill” and “Netflix and Hill,” and another where he pretended to “mansplain” to Clinton about what she does wrong in her speeches in an attempt to highlight the type of scrutiny women face in politics:

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Clinton seemed relatively relaxed and comfortable throughout the interview in an attempt to seem more personable and relatable to voters, while also discussing such important topics as campaign finance reform and the Supreme Court vacancy, but it’s doubtful that she did anything to bring her detractors over to her side. The appearance came days after Kimmel welcomed Sanders to his show earlier in the week as the Democratic primaries continue to head west this weekend where the Vermont senator is favored in states such as Washington, Hawaii and Alaska after wins in Idaho and Utah last Tuesday, giving his campaign a much-needed boost.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.