The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-22


Fallon made a mess with Jake Gyllenhaal to kick off the week when the Point Pleasant Police Department sketch made a return. Don Cheadle joined Fallon for Tuesday’s episode. Monday was a tough act to follow but Tuesday’s episode was solid. Here’s the full recap.


Like so many monologues before it, Fallon kicked Tuesday’s show with some political banter. With the primaries in full swing, there’s always something for him to talk and joke about. Everyone is talking about President Obama’s trip to Cuba. Jimmy made a great joke about human rights being similar in Cuba to being stuck at Laguardia Airport. Moving on to the republican side of things, Jimmy commented on Cruz saying that he wouldn’t be Donald Trump’s VP. He said “absolutely not” which Jimmy said is similar to what Cruz’s friends say when he invites them to dinner. In a wacky story, somebody made the first tweed suit for a horse. The punchline: he bought it at JC Pony. What a zing! Who doesn’t love a good pun?

To the Desk

Pros and Cons

It’s like it’s a weekly occurrence. Pros and Cons reared its ugly head once again. This week’s edition: the pros and cons of going on spring break. Here are some of the highlights:

Pro: Buying a fake ID in Cancun.
Con: Trying to convince bouncers your name is El Chapo.

Pro: Traveling to Florida with an unopened box of condoms.
Con: Returning home with an unopened box of condoms.

Pro: Grabbing a drink at Señor Frogs.
Con: Finding out Donald Trump deported him.

Pro: Getting shrimp at the bar.
Con: Getting crabs in the hot tub.

The Guests

Don Cheadle

Unfortunately, Don Cheadle wasn’t on Tuesday’s show to promote the upcoming Marvel film Civil War. He’s out to promote the movie Miles Ahead, in which he plays Miles Davis. Jimmy greeted Don with a couple pictures of Don from high school. He was an accomplished music player in high school. He had the option to receive a scholarship for acting or music. That was a crossroads in his life where he chose acting and it seems to have worked out great. He’s been working on Miles Ahead for ten years. He’s directing and starring in the film. Don says it’s not quite a biopic. It depicts the period of time in Miles Davis’ life when he shut down his career and just went silent. It was a period of five years. This certainly wasn’t a silly interview, but it was a very informative one. If you knew nothing about Miles Ahead before the interview, Don made you want to see it.


Watching guests and the hosts play Catchphrase is always a fun time. Saoirse Ronan joined Jimmy for the game and faced Don and Higgins. Don and Higgins were quite the competitors. Here’s how the game went down:

Saoirse Ronan

Ronan isn’t quite a household name, but she appeared in last year’s Brooklyn and The Grand Budapest Hotel the year before that. She was on Tuesday’s show to promote her show on Broadway The Crucible. She said that the game of Catchphrase may have ruined her voice for her show later that night. She said she had a great time, but American’s (she’s Irish) take the game so seriously. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty true. She talked about her Irish heritage and how life in Ireland is different from her New York lifestyle.

Tuesday’s episode concluded with an upbeat performance from the controversial Iggy Azalea. Check back tomorrow for a recap of Wednesday’s show when Fallon welcomes Ice T and Allison Williams.